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Last Updated 29th September, 2013

If you are working in field of womens health or a woman interested in her own health, this list will offer you links to some of the best resources I have managed to find over the years….take a look around…… - Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists Patient Guidelines – MUST HAVE when you need INFORMATION YOU CAN TRUST.  Easy to understand information written by clinicians on every subject related to female gynaecology and obstetric health (UK). - As above but the US version – immense resource of quality information. – What it says on the tin.  Wonderful, generous info. – Wholesome womens health and wellbeing site, lovely feel. – Cutting edge Hysterectomy methods.  Big in the US. – Lots of great resources about Hysterectomy and womens health. – Headed up by Katy Bowman a Biomechanist, she’s brilliantly mad, fresh and utterley bright. – Contemporary Pelvic Health site.  Always bringing something fresh and new to the table. – A practical Bible for ‘everything Women’s Health’ throughout all the ages.  Brilliant. – What it says on the tin!  Hugely informative if Menopause is where you are or are heading. – As above. - A beautifully written site created by a doctor and his daughter absolutely chocca with Pregnancy and birth information and there’s also a facility where you can ‘Ask A Doctor’ and the replies are published (anonymously of course).  You could get lost there for some time. - easy to access (client-level) information on Pelvic Health and womens health, mostly urinary incontinence and prolapse. – a brilliant resource for Pelvic Pain, client and professional friendly information - The home of Dr. Christiane Northrup – to me the Queen of Women’s Wellness – deep and wide with information and totally holistic and touchy feely but still with the clinicians edge.  All her resources are wonderful and the the books too.  Plug into any of her resources and you’ll just keep learning. - Dr. Sara Gottfried is author of ‘The Hormone Cure’ – she’s a women’s health and hormonal clinician and a YOGINI!  Nice.  ‘The Hormone Cure’ is one of the clearest texts on female hormonal health out there are the moment and a MUST HAVE on the bookshelf of anyone working with women. - Marcelle Pick wrote ‘ Is It Me Or My Hormones?’ and ‘Are You Tired and Wired?’ amongs other great female-health centric texts.  She is also founder of above.  Awesome body of work and resources.  Start anywhere, you’ll find good answers.


There’s a huge world of great information out there so if you’ve found a great website/organization/community on your journey and would like to let others know, please get in touch and I’ll add the information to this page.

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